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Mindfulness and Compassion in a Turbulent World; The Dream of the Cosmos - A Quest for the Soul; and Myth, Mind and Magic are currently available on Integral Wisdom.

The Dream of the Cosmos - A Quest for the Soul

Developed by Jungian analyst, historian and author, Anne Baring, this fascinating new course includes around 4.75 hours of video content spread across 18 lessons, plus 5 quizzes and 5 reflective exercises. Available now

on The Fintry Trust's elearning platform. 

Join to explore the following: 


  • Stages in the Evolution of Consciousness: An inspired perspective on the evolution of human consciousness, and the Great Work ahead.

  • The Evolutionary Imperative: The urgency of re-awakening to the Deep Feminine, and the birthing of a Stellar Era, which are vital for addressing the social and planetary challenges of our times.

  • Connections between Science and Spirituality: How new discoveries in science verify what ancient spiritual traditions have always taught; that the universe is alive, conscious and interconnected.

  • A Healing Transformation: The call to recover our true identity and sacred wholeness, and the role of inner transformation for outer change, through the Great Work of Alchemy.

 To support access to this resource, learners under 35 are invited to take part in a £35 offer. 

Mindfulness and Compassion in a Turbulent World  

Discover the transforming power of compassion in Mindfulness and Compassion in a Turbulent World.

  • Know Yourself: Develop a greater awareness and understanding of your thoughts and emotions to help you stay calm and resilient in challenging times. 
  • Nurture Kindness: Discover the many benefits and transforming power of compassion for yourself and others.
  • Practice for Good: Develop a regular meditation practice to lay the foundations for long-term mental health and wellbeing.
  • Reconnect to Presence: Cultivate a profound sense of connection with your deeper self, others and the living earth.   

To support access to this resource, learners under 35 are invited to take part in a £35 offer

Explore how myths influence past and present in Myth, Mind and Magic 


Led and hosted by writer Murray Morison, you will be guided to:  

  • Consider Divine truth, Cosmic reality and Human purpose
  • Appreciate the unfolding of human consciousness over time
  •  Interpret symbolism in ancient mythology
  • Form a deeper spiritual awareness and appreciation of the illative powers of the human mind  


Including 22 lessons with original video content and access to livestream teachings.


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The Harmony Series 

Explore intriguing new ideas for personal and planetary regeneration in The Harmony Series. Consider how ancient and contemporary wisdom can help us to begin to heal relationships between humans, nature and the Divine. 

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